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  • " It does not make me sleepy like many muscle relaxers. I can work and take it. "
  • - Marta P.

  • " I was prescribed this drug in combination with ibuprofen and vicodin for lower back pains associated with a story a herniated disk L4/L5 nine years. The pain radiates down my hips and I was unable to bend at the waist or twist my torso to the left or right. I'm still in immense pain and spasming has not gone away with this cocktail of drugs. using this med for return spasams doent seem to work for back pain, finally able to sit muscles without a knot each time I move "
  • - Kathie V.

  • " I have used on several occasions to muscle spasms. A low dose is usually all that is necessary. No side effects except a little drowsy. "
  • - Corliss I.

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